vMailWorld.com Flash Video Streaming Player - vMailWorld.com Demo

Sending videos by email has never been easier with vMailWorld’s video email services. With vMailWorld.com, it’s easy to record your video email using a webcam that’s already attached to your computer. Your video is automatically saved to our secure server. You can then use your own email to send out a link to your clients and they can play your private video message. Our system is easy to use – you just need an internet connection and a working web cam. Nothing is installed or saved on your computer. We have a free seven-day trial without any obligation. If you choose to stay with us, we offer two different video email services – the Silver Plan and the Gold Plan. The Silver Plan is just $9.99 a month and the Gold Plan is just $19.99 a month.

Using vMailWorld.com to send videos by email is easy. Once you log in, you are given three simple choices. You can record a video, upload a video, or select videos from your library that you want to email to your clients, post on your blog, or put on your website. To record a video, simply click on the icon. Next, allow vMailWorld to take control of your web cam so you can begin recording. The video camera feed is on the left-hand panel while the video recording playback is on the right-hand panel. Quality control settings are directly underneath these two panels. Here you can control the video and audio quality as well as frames-per-second.

To begin recording, simply click the “start recording” button and it will work. After you’re done recording, you can click the play button and see how it looks on the right hand side. Once you’re happy with your video, just click save. Be sure to give it a title and a description. Then click the submit button and it will be added directly to your library. From your library, you can view and play your videos. In the upper right-hand corner of the video player, there is a Facebook icon which allows viewers to post the video to Facebook.

Your video library also allows you to create links to your video simply by pressing the “create link” button. These links can then be inserted into blogs, websites, or emails. If you’re using Outlook, you can email your videos directly from your library by pressing the Outlook button. It will automatically open up a new email with the link inserted. Simply insert your recipients, a subject, and a short description. Your video email is good to go!