Sending videos through email has never been simpler thanks to vMailWorld’s software. These frequently asked questions are here to help you better understand how our software works in emailing videos.

1. What are the requirements for this software?
You must have a Windows-based PC, Notebook, tablet, etc with a working web cam installed. You also need to have Adobe Flash Player installed (this is a free download from Adobe.com and it is already installed on 99% of PCs anyway).

2. How do I setup my web cam?
Once you have installed your web cam on your PC and have it operational (able to view it using the software provided with your web cam manufacturer), vMailWorld’s software will automatically recognize your default Windows webcam.

3. Will it work with a Mac?
People using a Mac will be able to open your video emails and view them. However, Macs are not compatible with our system. Mac users will be unable to send videos through email with our software. This is due to Apple's decision not to support Flash which is one of the most popular and widely used media-rich products in the world.

4. Do you send out the emails for me?
No, our system creates a link that your clients will click to view your video email. This link is automatically inserted into your default email software where you email the videos yourself.

5. How long do you store my videos on your secure server?
vMailWorld is a software designed to assist clients in emailing videos that communicate timely information. All videos are hosted at no additional charge on our secure server for 60 days. In order to keep your subscription costs down and save space on our servers, we will delete videos after 60 days.

6. Why are your prices so low?
We are the creators of this software and we own the pipeline, servers, etc. There is no middle-man or third party vendors that we have to pay.

7. What about the quality of the video?
The quality and playback of your video depends on many factors. vMailWorld uses the settings that you have stored for your attached webcam. Adjusting those settings will improve the quality of your picture. Also, when you make your recording it is not being saved on your pc but rather streamed to our server. So, your internet connection and bandwidth is the single largest factor in your video quality.

8. Can I upload videos that were not created with vMailWorld?
Yes, you can upload any video with the flash (.flv) format into our your library and send a secure link to that video out to your clients to view.

9. Can I post the videos in blogs and websites?
Yes, you can create an html link in your video library. All you have to do is copy and paste that link into a blog or website it will work.

10. How do I download and install the software on my computer?
vMailWorld is completely web-based and is run within your web browser. The software is not downloaded to one specific computer. Your vMailWorld account can be accessed from any computer that has internet access. This means you can record and send videos through email no matter where you are.